OPTIMA German® Lighting Component GmbH


OPTIMA German Lighting Component GmbH is a company that sells Superimposed Ignitors for every kind of high pressure discharge lamp and projection lamp.

We are a subsidiary of a well-known manufacturer of electromagnetic products, specialising in coils, ring cores, throttles, ferrites and transformers, etc. Besides our main business in Superimposed Ignitors, we distribute a full range of ballasts from "May & Christe". We currently have more than 150,000 "May & Christe" ballasts across a range of 80 products catering for different currents and frequencies, including high pressure lamps and fluorescent lamps. We have may products that can be delivered immediately including explosion proof ballasts, (such as the eDSt 40x2-14.1H or eD40x214.1H) and resin encapsulated ballasts for 1000W and 2000W (for example NQI1000-04.1H3 and QIV2000-04.3H).

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